That's love

June 12, 2008
My other half, my joy and sorrow.
I’ll stand here just for eternity,
my uncertain hand poised at my side,
And my nervous teeth biting my unwilling lip.
Too tired to stand but too scared to move from my post.
Waiting for my nerves and muscles to overcome my brain’s murmurings.
Do something, stupid. Is it this easy for anyone to cause themselves pain?
Why am I so frightened from the past?
Of course, I’m going to be okay.
Because in the end, I’ll have him.

My other half, my joy and sorrow.
I seal away that blessing, the miracle that you are my own.
Love, what is love?
It’s complicated, unexplainable and no words can describe the feelings.
But when you are willing to be completely miserable,
Just so see your significant other happy, that’s love.

My other half, my joy and sorrow.
Love; it’s not a delicious fantasy that makes you bubbly inside.
It’s also commitment and love is an action.
It’s not like a bucket of stuff you can fall into, it’s work.
One morning, I asked myself, would I give up everything for someone that may not?
And so I did.
There was no happy ending, but there wasn’t anyone who promised me one.
The fact that you never tried or gave an effort makes me wonder why I was so illiterate.
You were always there, the light to my moonless night.
Suddenly it all came crashing down.
Nothing good lasts forever.
As long as you were by my side, nothing else mattered.

My other half, my joy and sorrow.
I denied my moral rights and failed to be myself.
You disarmed me and I however, surrendered my everything to you.
In return, you gave me nothing but strength to my own weakness and suffering.
Can you heal a heart that doesn’t belong to you?
My heart is in someone else’s hands, all that’s in my chest is a gaping hole.

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