The fun of winter

March 3, 2011
By Karissa2011 BRONZE, Caro, Michigan
Karissa2011 BRONZE, Caro, Michigan
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The Fun Of Winter

Winter is snowy and cold.

Winter is the time for Christmas.

Winter is when you get out for Christmas break.

Winter is when you have hot chocolate with lots of marshal mallows.

Winter is the season for colds and many sinus problems.

Winter is when you have a whole bunch of snow days.

Winter is when you wrap up in your favorite warm blanket and watch TV.

Winter is like a very white Christmas, very wonderful.

Winter is a wonderful season.

Winter is the time to ride the snowmobile

Winter is time to go sledding.

Winter is when you have snowball fights with friends

Winter is fun season because you can play in the snow.

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