Only Time Will Tell

June 12, 2008
By matt engelmann, Pittsfield, NH

The days drag on, the temperature has swelled,
What days of summer glory awaits? Only time will tell.
The clock seems to have stopped, the teachers all drone on,
As we count the minutes until we can say "so long".

The workload is relentless, as I fight a loosing battle,
Even the teachers are not safe from the grading hassle.
I’m look over all my notes, complicated as the seem,
I still can’t help but wonder, are the teachers just being mean?

I’m only one teenaged kid, how can I retain this stuff?
One more trace of homework and my brain might just erupt.
So close the summer seems to be, as I await fun to unfold,
I can’t wait to play witness to the end of school works hold.

Summer time sounds so very sweet, waiting to go for a swim,
Barbeque and warm breezy nights, and the Yankees will rack up wins.
My work is at full steam now, trapped in educations hell,
When will the days of long sought freedom come? Only time will tell.

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