Brush Strokes

March 3, 2011
By CDExMischa BRONZE, Savona, New York
CDExMischa BRONZE, Savona, New York
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Destiny untold
Staying in the game, too afraid to fold
Walking the thin line of normality
Trapped forever with this underlying abnormality
Dreaming a dream, tainted with dissatisfaction
Life worth less than it seems, the ground beneath my feet begin to lose traction
Striking the ground head first
It was those venomous words that hurt the worst
A warm gentle heart turned to stone
An innocent child made into patch work, stitched and sown
A frost bitten tongue
And oh so young
Allowing those days to slip from my embrace
Gone now, without a trace
The future I have yet to behold
In a moment of aberration, stepping outside of societies mold
Feet beneath me, arms at my side
The ocean at my back, pulling me away with its tide
Showing me icy waters of reality and the bitterness of the sea
Giving me courage, strength and the will to simply be,
No cuffs at my wrists in restraint
A blank canvas in front of me, for the world is mine to paint

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