The Ponderer

June 13, 2008
By Luc Rempel, Surrey, ZZ

I ponder
I ponder aloud
I ponder proud
I ponder sometimes on a cloud
I once even pondered in a crowd

What to ponder what to think
I’ll ponder on what to drink
I ponder on most everything
I’ll ponder on how things fling

I never know where my ponders wander
Sometimes I ponder “What’s beyond here”
I’m often called a ponderer
Because my brain’s a wanderer

I’ll ponder upon things that shine
I’ll ponder on things that rhyme
I can ponder while I write a line
I can ponder on the passing time

Away I ponder, away I go
I ponder high, I ponder low
I ponder on winds that blow
I ponder on pale moon’s glow

I ponder in places that are dark
And all around me strange things bark
I ponder in places that are bright
And I can see such a fine sight

In a perpetually productive ponder
I learned laughingly of lying llamas
It’s true
They live over yonder
Not so very far from you

These things and more I’ll ponder
Because I am
The Ponderer

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