June 12, 2008
As she sat down she put down her purse beside her
The waiter came over and she orddered a coffee
The crisp flowing air bit at her skin
Tiny bumps pebbled her arms
Such a small feature yet important to notice
Two sugars one cream
She doesn't know i'm watching
But they never do
Their litttle life is too important to notive what's around them
The smoke reeathed around her head like the ghost of a halo
THe ember glowed angry and lethal
SHe knew smoking would kill her but never thought it would ever really happen
It was something she didn't have the strength to stop
The cup looked lonely with just a ring of brown left
She sat filling her brain with cheap romance
Pages full of words but always empty
You can only so long
THis is something i know
This is my escape
With a pen and a paper
observing that which i'll never know
It's one thing that i will never have again
Thrown out of heaven as i was
I can never live, even with all the vices that i could want
A wife and a family maybe a beautiful daughter
I now know what life is, but its unreachable for some
They call me a prince
So why do i fell so alone
What i got is hardly a kingdom
Just hot and boring and painful
Not to mention the smell
Bloody black stumps where the wings used to be
I am Lucifer and i've got feelings too

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