Simple Things

June 12, 2008
What's the point of all the days,
Whith all the worlds painful ways?
What's the point of turning age,
Your life is just a book with turning pages,
What's the point of getting stronger,
Is it so your life of pain can be longer?
What's the point of rest and sleep,
Is it so you have a time to weep?
What was the point of Jesus' dying?
Was it so He could see His family crying?
But what's the point if He wasn't crucified,
That makes all of our lives a lie,
Without that Holy cost,
We all would surly be lost,
Whithout His bloody crown of thorns,
The temple curtain would not have torn,
That tear gave a perfect way,
For us to have that relationship everyday,
What's the point of simple things you say?
So we can see God in every way.

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