Amarath Night

June 12, 2008
By Michael Stayduhar, Williamsburg, PA

Thy eyes they wept for a scarletsunrise-
to entice the earth with radiant light,
No life to thee stirred in cold somber skies-
but a lone raven on that amaranth night,

Below the Salix boughs thou chose to rest-
awaiting first light's e'er promising grace,
The carrion crow roused from the nest-
into draperies of willowy lace,

From the moonlight a figure did appear-
with vigor she danced beneath the willow tree,
So tenderly she wiped thy silver tears-
as if in dreamy daze alluring thee,

Bewail the sunset, 'morrow's shall not pass-
lured into her starlit gaze none outlast.

From her fair red lips gentle words doth pour-
tempting thy woeful heart to falsely yield.
'way to the moon thou ventured looking for-
The sun's pale reflected guidance revealed,

"Be gone, ye pale enchantress of the night-
no gifts nor beauty dost thou desire,
Tempt thee no longer; take up your lonely flight-
Thou seest the coming of morning's fire."

' lone silver bead she cried in the hollow-
nestled in thy hand for thee to cherish.
In dawn's early mist she walked with sorrow-
out of sight her onyx wings doth vanish.

Elysium thy soul filled with crimson-
Solace rose with the fair horizon.

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