Ode to Chaneel Kat

March 3, 2011
By Anonymous

How you help me Chaneel Kat
gliding over the water
Your sun-baked back
like the water and sky.
You stretch your wooden arms
to the water
and push it away.
In the summer our fishing poles
like claws of a cat
swatting fish
hoping for a catch.
Chaneel Kat,
why do you groan?
At last are you tired?
From frantic flailing in storms
or orange sunsets in October?
When you smashed against rocks
Did it bruise you?
Who took care of you
before we found you
in the mill?
Compared to you
all other boats look silly.
With their enormous engines
and cantankerous captains complaining
about weather.
They don’t understand
the simple joy of a loyal ship.
One who stays afloat
on love
not design.

The author's comments:
The Boat I own, Chaneel Kat, is a very old boat that we found when we got our house. Since then it has been fixed up. There is only one mistake on it. when I was painting the boat, I was using stencils to put letters on the boat. I was trying to name it Channel Kat, but I put the wrong stencil on and messed it up. Now she is Chaneel kat.

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