Unknown Soldier

June 11, 2008
By Dennis Hock, Brooknigs, SD

Never wanted to leave home,
Left last night, on my own,
Didn’t really have a chance to say,
That I love you, I’ll be home again someday,
Please promise to write while I’m away,
I know what I am doing is right,
I’ll miss you, as sure as day turns to night,

I got your package with your letter,
Can’t believe I have a baby, and I have never even met her,
I’m trying my best to get out of here,
But going to battle isn’t my worst fear,

I killed a man today,
Can’t help but think, what his family would say,
His screams still fresh in my head,
My hands are stained, blood red,
Don’t know if what I am doing is right,
How can taking a man’s life be alright?
Maybe I will never know,
Until it’s my time to go,

Its dark, my body’s shaking,
Can’t breathe, my lungs aren’t working,
Rough hands pick me up off the ground,
Ears still ringing, can’t hear a sound,
Eyes are blurry, all around,

Days later I awake,
My body continues to shake,
I’ve been captured, a prisoner of war,
Sorry I lied; you won’t see me anymore,
Wish I was home, with my family,
I’m going to die, it’s over for me,

I hear them coming, my heart is pounding,
I take out my baby girl’s picture,
Makes me want to hold on that much longer,
I feel the rope tight around my neck,
And with my last breath, I finally say,
I love you, I’ll be home someday…

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