Old Friends

June 11, 2008
We started out as two best friends,
I don't want the good feelings to end,
You told me your secrets, and I told you mine,
Until you shared too much, resulting in the end of our good time,
The stories, the sadness, the pain, and the lies,
I helped, or at least I tried,
You left, but only for a while,
I thought you'd come back with a caring smile,
I only see you now and then,
I truly miss back when,
Back when we used to to laugh together,
And a smile would pass from one to the other,
They're making me sign a contract that will keep us from talking,
I hope I don't handle the soon to come issues with the steps I used in walking,
Because I crawled and gradually tried to get up,
But you only knocked me down, and messed my life up,
But, even though you've caused me stress,
I see you so little, I can only remember the past,
So when I sign this contract, It's not easy for me,
Because it feels like I'm building a wall between me and my friend, the girl you used to be,
I want you to know that I hope you find the girl inside your haert,
The one that was there from the very start,
But, before I sign our friendship away, I hope it's the right thing to do,
I'd like to say, I'll miss the old you,
The old us,
I guess I'll get on with it, I'll sign and shut the door,
I have to realize you're not the girl I remember anymore.

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Amanda A. said...
May 20, 2010 at 4:13 pm
wow all i can say is wow....that was absolutely amazing!
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