Set Me Free

June 11, 2008
As I wake in the morn,
With my heart painfully torn,
From the evil mean lies,
That leave nothing but sighs,
Oh how I wish the hurt would end,
I don't want love to be pretend,
I hate the sadness, I hate the sorrow,
I want to wake up in heaven tomorrow,
This world is flled with hatred and pain,
Here the tears just fall like rain,
Love of Jesus, take me away,
Up in heaven is where I'll stay,
I want to go to a peaceful land,
I want to be in the warmth of God's hand,
I'll fight my best, but not for long,
A bird can't always sing a cheerful song,
I'm that bird, please set me free,
Please let me go, I'm suffering,
I'm tired of living where the future is the past,
I want to go to heaven, Where love will always last,
I'm tired of crying myself to sleep at night,
I want to soar up above, where everything is right,
Take me out of this world where I'm not wanted,
Where evil lurks, and lives are taunted,
I took that leap, an intentional attack,
It may not have been right, but there's no turning back,
I'm sprouting wings, to soar up in the sky,
I'm transferring to the world where I'll never die,
I've stepped out of the darkness, and into the light,
I chose to go with Jesus,
I chose right.

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