Sweet Dreams

June 11, 2008
By Anna Stuckey, Suffolk, VA

I sat up and looked at what there is to see,
I was immediately in awe by what surrounded me.
Lakes of melted chocolate, and rolling hills of cake,
With soil full of gummy worms, this must be a mistake!
The grass was made of licorice, the trees made out of gum,
With branches made of candy canes, bearing tiny sugar plums.
The streets were solid chocolate marked with white vanilla icing,
And houses made of gingerbread, with seasonal holiday spicing.
The moon was a giant fire ball, the stars were tiny nerds,
This world was so delicious, it can't be put to words.
I sat down in the dancy, admiring the sweet scent,
As a shower of sweet water, began its sweet descent.
I walked across the lawn to the melted chocolate stream,
But before I could take a sip, I woke up from my sweet dream.

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