June 11, 2008
By Lauren Pickard, Kettering, OH

Evelyn was her name.
Everyone was alike in her town,
She wasn't the same.

She had one green eye and one blue.
Her hair was long and her smile was bright.
The sky it would light at night.

Her heart was pure, her skin was clear.
She talked gently, her voice was soft.
Though there was one problem, she couldn't hear.

Her ears were useless,
No sound would be heard.
Nothing at all, not one single word.

She acted like any other person you'd meet,
She dressed with the latest styles,
and flip - flops on her feet.

She played piano
and knew five different languages.
She kept her bird, in many different cages.

She read like there was no tomorrow.
Hope she would bring,
and not one tear of sorrow.

She wrote poems and stories,
with all happy endings.
She strived to be a writer.

She donated clothing
she would no longer wear.
Goodwills' knew her,

She went places with all her friends.
When something went wrong,
she would make amends.

She took photos of beautiful things,
A flower in the Spring,
or a bells as it rings.

Too bad she moved away.
She was gone forever.
She left that May.

Her handprints are still in our hearts.
She left behind the truth,
and at my house,
she left her darts.

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