They Who Walked Together, On Their Own

March 13, 2011
By Colemione BRONZE, Belmont, Michigan
Colemione BRONZE, Belmont, Michigan
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The wind is whistling and the snow starts to fall
On the chilly night that frightens all.
Then, they see them come
No one knows where they’re from
Or where they’re going
If they are cold, it’s not showing
They walk not separately, but as a whole
And no one knows what is their goal
With stone like stares and clenched liked fists
No one knew that people like them exist
To the naked eye, they do not blink
These and other factors make people think
Who are these strangers that walk outside
But suddenly the group divides
Half goes left, and the other right
Into the gruesome, bitter night
Why they split, or how they chose
How they got there, no one knows
Some suggest magic
But the thought is tragic
Others say they were part of a cult of some sort
Sadly, both of these answers fall short
So, their appearance is completely mysterious
And one day, you might even hear of this
Whether in a legend, book or family tale
I’m sure you’ll study them but to no avail
Although the question remains
Maybe you’ll be the one that gains
The knowledge that needs to be known
To unmask they who walked together on their own.

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