Dear Diary

March 6, 2011
By singforlovee SILVER, River Vale, New Jersey
singforlovee SILVER, River Vale, New Jersey
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What is peace, dear Diary?

This is my desire, see,

I wonder just what could have been

Previous to this position we’re in

“Sword shall not lift up sword against nation”

Yet sword has been bound by our regal foundation

When the devious snake persuaded poor Eve

To steal the damn apple, yet she had to leave

Her and her Adam were casted to earth

Where right from the start, it was war that gave birth

Though Eve snatched the apple and stole just one bite

The snake was the one who betrayed all God’s right

Words of the Books, dear Diary

Though holds my fate, confuses me

But one day, we will all rejoice

By just one sword, by just one voice

By just one thought from thoughts of love

That are just out of reach on the back of a dove

The dove of peace, its holy wings

It holds the truth, in peace, it sings

And one day, we will all sing too

I’ll be holding hands with you

Dear Diary

The author's comments:
I'm from Israel and the war that i see on the news and in my everyday life makes me realize how much i wish for peace.

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