Am I Ready

June 11, 2008
Are you ready?
Hold my hand tight
Don't let go
I know you see the light
From my heart beating slow
Are you ready?
Here we go
It's your last chance
To say no
Are you ready?
Now I'm not sure
Did you ever consider
To find the cure?
Am I ready?
Do we know?
Are you ready?
Are you saying no?
Is this the only way,
To be sure we're okay?
So full of questions
The darkness looms
But are you ready?
We're stepping in
The darkness consumes
This game of Life
We cannot resume
Am I ready?
Can you reassure?
I know you love me
And you know too
We're stepping in on this cue
1...2..Can we do this?
Am I backing out?
Will you still step in?
If I dont go,
Will you still?
Death is such
An overkill
Two wasted lives
What comes next?
What if we're not together
After this?
Will you find me?
Our souls will part
But will they be reunited
In all this dark?
I'm scared, step out with me
I'm not ready yet
To my heart,
You have the key
But what if in the dark
The key gets lost
Can you afford
To pay the cost?
If the cost is our love,
Dont let it be
Come away, back out with me
It will come
It must come
But not today
We have a whole life
to waste away
Our love can last
For ever more
We can't do this
Just to even the score
Is it worth our lives?
So much to live for
So much love
This dark place
Cannot withstand
The Question wont die
Is this worth it?
I dont think so
Back out with me!
I grip your hand,
Grip it tight
Pull you out
Of this dark night
You totally know
That this wasn't right
To go away
From a place so bright
This world may suck
But with our Love
And with a little luck
We can rid this world of some evil
But if we don't
It will be worth it
To this life
And each other,
We will commit
We have gone
To hell and back
Just to show
My payback
But you know
We never would have
Stayed in that place
When you first made
My heart race
I love you,
You know it's true
We couldn't do that
To ourselves...
Be true
Stay true
Be alive
And now, stay alive

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