Toy Time Travel

March 6, 2011
Little white lamb
Wound up to play a lullaby
Gigantic stuffed Winnie-the-Pooh
Dancing through a room
Beanie Baby monkey
Permanently attached to a small hand

Colorful play phone
Dialed over and over again
Mini play set
Inquiring laughter and slippery sliding
Perfect plastic castle
Holding mounds of Barbie dolls and accessories galore
Pop up tents
Providing a super secret hide out
Buckets of dress up clothes
Transforming kids into characters
Wooden swing set
Sending kids flying, flipping, and playing
American Girl Dolls
Pampered and cared for every day
Many Crazy Crafts
Formed by beads, wood, paint and stencils
Television and computer screen
Where eyes are always affixed
New flip cell phone
To start texting and talking to friends
Intriguing Ipod
With music blaring and head nodding
When no more toys come
Wishing you were a kid again

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