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March 28, 2011
By Kaylee Burns BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Kaylee Burns BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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I open my eyes,
Look out into the world.
A world of big cities,
Buildings so high they’re in the troposphere,
Cars that give off more gas in a day than every little boy in America.
Money that taunts and takes,
Driving the world into war,
And the economy into the toilet.
Or should I say the Atlantic,
Which is so murky that you can barely tell the difference.
But if I let my eyes come out of focus, just a little,
Then I can really look.
I look into a world of nature and imagination.
I revel at the view of the mighty trees standing tall and majestic.
I giggle watching the fairies and chipmunks waltzing in their shade.
And I smile as the King and Queens, of countries everywhere, of every race, religion, and language,
hold hands.
Just look, look at them.

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