Too Much to Ask

June 11, 2008
In movies the couple always ends up happily ever after

In fairytales they're always together forever

In songs are lyrics that inspire so many wishes

But none show love is almost no hits, always misses

Every little girl dreams and yearns for a prince to come and save her

Riding on his white horse, weaving a spell for her to fall under

I want to be able to run my fingers through his hair as we embrace

I want someone whose mere name can make my heart race

I want someone whose eyes I can get lost in

Who will love and cherish and adore me as I do him

I want someone who can make my palms sweat and my cheeks blush

I want someone who can fill my being with unconditional love

I want a guy with an electric touch

Whose slightest caress can excite me so much

I want to walk with someone on the beach at sunset

Someone with whom I'll remember every detail of how we first met

I want to feel my heart jump and pound in my chest

I want someone who will encourage me to do my best

Equal parts love, equal parts lust, equal parts passion

To treat me in a strong yet gentlemanly fashion

The red roses, the candelight dinners, I want them all

Love at first sight, so hard a fall

Someone who fills my dreams and fulfills my fantasies

The one and only one in the world for me

I want it to be left up to destiny, up to fate

For me to find the person who's truly my soulmate

I know this seems impossible, not just hard to find

But I just want to find a fairytale I can call completely mine

To live in, and live with, from now till eternity

If it's supposed to happen, then it's meant to be

I just want to find someone who will always stay

Someone with the ability to take my breath away

I want someone I can love from now until death

To love completely until my very last breath

I want someone with whom I no longer have to wear a mask

To make a little girl's dream come true, is that too much to ask?

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