The Day I Saw Him

June 12, 2008
By Jennifer Murray, Orland, CA

Walking the streets with clouds over my head
Listening to whut the bad people have said
While the sensation of dazzling rain falling upon me
Waiting to wake up from this horrible dream
I walk in the streets flooded by my dark depression
Waiting for someone to hold my hand and pull me out of my aggression

I Pray
For that day
When he would come my way
And rescue me
To make me free
Hold me close
Kiss my nose

With the clouds over my head
Fogging up whut I could see
A boy came up to me

He made me smile
I changed my style
So he would notice me everyday
And soon the dark clouds and colorful rain melted away

I looked at him as the sun
He is always there just to have fun
I never knew he would love me
I realized thats how we'd always be

I'd have always prayed
For that day
When he would come my way
And Rescue me
To make me free
To hold me close
And kiss my nose

He is always there for me
And he'll always be
We fell so far nothing would ever catch us
Except the sweet poison of love
And all the clouds above
Were there to keep us floating


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