June 12, 2008
By Noah Rauchwerk, Holmdel, NJ

When the Earth begun
And all was at ease
When people first crawled
From their hands and their knees
Out from the Earth
And on to the ground
The very first birth
Was a snickering clown
He jumped up on his feet
And flew up to the sky
He went up to meet
All the stars way up high
The next thing he knew
He only came out at night
He was known as the moon
And gave off no light
He was in an outrage
He had no show
The darkness was his stage
He had nothing to glow
The sun would come out
For all of the day
While the moon would just pout
And stay out of his way
The moon got upset
And threw a huge fuss
The sun turned and said:
“You won’t ever be like us,
You have nothing to show
Way up here in the sky”
So the moon decided to go
Show that he wasn’t so shy
He went up to the sun
And stood in his way
Like he’s still done
For so many a day
Now there is an Eclipse
Every once in a while
But today this Eclipse
Is sure to raise a smile

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