Say Goodbye to the Painful Past

June 11, 2008
Hardships will happen over and over again
But you have to stay strong
So you will be fierce and win

Trust me I know, becasue I'm still fight'n
It gets hard but I believe, and I start realize'n

Life is a battle of love and pain
I choose to have my faith, then soon all the riches I will gain
There are times when I think I am go'n insane
I make the poorest choices
And I'm completely off the chain

This is my reason to
Seek those who are sincere and true
Not those who only careless about you

People like that will slam you down
They mine as well be joke'n and trick'n you
Like a crazy clown

The people in my past
Thought I wouldn't last
But this is how ignorant they are
"Look, look mommy who abused me"
"And pay attention daddy, who I've never met or seen"
I have made this far
And I'm so thankful to God
Yes, God is the only one who may ever judge me
And to God, I am a beautiful star

I will make it through this battle called Life
You can give up on me,
Doubt me,
Go ahead and hate on me

But I will make this crystal clear
There's something that I've always known
It's a proven fact, that nothing and no one
Could ever stand in my way and give me fear

Tonight, is my moment to set my sould free
Tonight is the night
For anyone whoever put me through pain and misery
I'm shedding my last tear
I am saying goodbye to the painful past
My new begining has been traveling for so long
Trying to make it's way closer to me
Closer and near
Well, now my new begining has arrived
It's finally here

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AvaDavida said...
Aug. 7, 2008 at 4:37 pm
Thank you soooo very very much! I feel like I have accomplished something I love!
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