Beware of the Darkness

June 11, 2008
By Katrina Dupont, Orlando, FL

I told you I loved you
But you walked away.
The emptiness in the air
Still haunts me today.
Maybe you didn't hear?
"I love you" is what I said.
And yet still you keep walking
Onto what lies ahead.
My next page is blank.
I don't know what to think.
I can feel my knees buckle,
My breath getting weak.
Without lifting a finger
You choked me to death.
I fall to the ground
And run out of breath.
Your face still haunts me.
That image sticks to my mind:
You walking away
And leaving me behind.
My vision is fading.
You're all I can see.
And I can't help but wonder...
Do you think about me?
If you would look at me once
Please, just turn around!
If I could look in your eyes
I would find answers not found.
Are you lost or confused?
Is that why your gone?
Or are you just heartless?
Just walking along.
I should have run after you
But my thoughts were at lack
At the time I wasn't thinking
That you weren't coming back.
I really should move on,
But, I just don't know how.
You told me what to do
Well what do I do now?!
I know you won't answer
And yet, I sit here and wait.
That love I once felt
Fades into black hate.
I shot you right back
But you didn't fall down.
Instead, I fall further.
Blackness all around.
I hate everyone.
To me, they're all dead.
And so, in my heart
That darkness is fed.
The darkness consumes me
And I find I can't fight.
And so the darkness defeats
Every inch of my light
I accept it, move on
Depressed and hating my life.
So I end it real fast
And stab my soul with a knife.
Take this as a warning
To all those filled with hate:
Darkness can consume you.
Please, don't take the bait.

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