February 26, 2011
By MichaelaMalefic BRONZE, Ridgley, Maryland
MichaelaMalefic BRONZE, Ridgley, Maryland
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I have told myself many times
that i`m through with this
so my life may finally be bliss
but it seems i cant escape your crimes
or stop craving your painful kiss

i reach out to you
the tears running down my face
you used love to steal my grace
i truly loved you
maybe my love is misplaced?

your weapon of choice
is a solid wall
always so tall
quieting my voice
why do i try at all?

you never listen
i am ignored
i pray to the lord
that when my eyes start to glisten
you wont look simply bored.

i want to be heard
no matter the cost
there is so much iv`e already lost
my vision may be blurred
but even i can see your icy frost

you are as still as a statue
you don`t feel a thing
not even when the the bee stings
how does life have value
if you don`t laugh or sing

how do i unfreeze your soul
and set your emotions free
so that you may be able to love me
but your heart is a black hole
the bottom i cannot see

how do i warm your spirit
if you shut me out
and silence my shout?
i am reaching my limit
i cant ignore the doubt

if this is all you will ever be
then tell me now
i just cant allow
the pain you cause me
i need to reach you somehow

but what more can i do
so that you may be pleased
but my sorrows will never be eased
because of the darkness that grew
in my heart a sick disease

i do everything i can
to try and get through
you know what i say is true
but pretend like you don`t understand
that i don`t matter to you

i don`t deserve this treatment
no one should have to endure
this sickness that has no cure
for this pain i gave no consent
the meaning of my life obscured

i cant see a life without you
you have been there from the start
maybe in body but not in heart
i also cant see this life continue
unchanged and us still not apart

my patience is running thin
I've tried to meet you half way
you refuse so my nerves shall fray
i just cant seem to win
your feelings you wont portray

i want this to be the end
my soul is battered
my hope is shattered
my love can no longer transcend
the despair of being fractured

I'm making this my goodbye
to let you know of my strain
to tell you i am barely sane
of how many tears I've cried
how i ended up with no gain

goodbye loss
goodbye sorrow
goodbye regret
goodbye anguish


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on Mar. 29 2011 at 6:25 pm
MichaelaMalefic BRONZE, Ridgley, Maryland
1 article 0 photos 3 comments

oops i repeated the twice. sorry



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