She's a Green Hateful Woman

June 10, 2008
By Jessica Cash, Hercules, CA

On my way to another place
in time you'll all find the lies you
sought out in arms of strength in
hearts of comfort and days of
peaceful shame. Things will change
for me but I wont feel the same.

Mixing spices from my soul
i'm left with a sour sting on
the tip of my tongue. Back
to the room of which my heart
blooms and my thoughts fly
like my dreams sometimes do
to the stars outside my window.

Losing the feeling of feeling unique;
another silver dollar has lost it's
place in my pocket. The soles of
my shoes worn and tired; search
tonight for a glue strong enough to
keep my mind whole once again.

Doesn't anyone know how to keep
a secret anymore? What roaches do
crawl into my life? They slur their lies of my figure and mental state. Come, snap your fingers to the beat. Slowly now, crush your toes against my feet.

Aim to be what propaganda tells you
to be. What a proper introduction;
desperate for attention she dances
till her dress bursts into flames.

Did you think you were clever
dear heart or did you simply think
I would overlook the traces of
blood on my doorstep? What twin
is this, what Gemini could be proud
to know such sins? Two sided? No,
left with only one side, you depend
on the faults of others to appease
the place in your heart you can't fill.
I spit on the grave of your "other" half, for if the form you hold now is the better...

I pray to never see the other side of you resurrected from the shallow soil. What's left at minutes to Midnight? A ghost of a soul who doesn't know her place.

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