Letter Poem

February 21, 2011
Dear Kevin,

You really hurt me when

you went and cheated on me.

You didn’t just cheat on me once

but three times once with Jennifer,

then with Danielle,
and then with my cousin Anna.
I forgave you every time

even though you hurt me.
I forgave you because my love for you is undying and unbreakable.
I hate how you cheated on me.
At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to forgive you
then I remembered all the good times that we had
with each other lying in the sun and playing in the rain and snow.
We use to have a great time together laughing at random things
and just joking around with each other.
Now we are different in so many ways we’ve been dating for awhile
now for three years and eight months and for once in my life a know
in my heart that we’ll be spending the rest of our lives together.
When you’re around my heart is pounding like a jack hammer breaking
the concrete sidewalk. I know its just saying that it loves you.

Love your girlfriend,

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