Ode to My Ac

June 10, 2008
Ever year, another hot summer,
Never fails, from May to September
Scorching sun just over head.
Beating, broiling, blazing, burning
Like fire on my skin.
As soon as I step inside,
Whether it’s a car, a bus, or a building,
I turn the air conditioning on.
As it kicks into full blast,
Quickly, the feeling of relief
Overflows through my body,
Like a fire being put out
My skin begins to sizzle,
Smoke rises up, looking for an escape.
As the fresh air rushes after it,
Converting it
Making it a replica.
Sweat particles freeze on my face
As I brush them away
Small storms of hail hit the floor,
No longer parched, just full of relief
Comfortable inside, just gazing out
Into the hazardous inferno.
Many, like me just peeking
Trying to catch a glimpse of what it’s like,
To see what it does.
Forgetting their own experience just minutes ago
Very few, not smart but insane,
Maybe even curious, people
Step out Again
Being burned, marked and claimed by the sun
Turning into ashes, just to repeat it again
I prefer to stay in my ac
And just be an observer

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