No Windows, No Doors

March 3, 2011
By JayKay BRONZE, Eastpointe, Michigan
JayKay BRONZE, Eastpointe, Michigan
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She lays here
Empty, incomplete, unthought of
In this place
A place
With a roof, four walls,
No windows, no doors,
Crying on the outside
Dying on the inside,
Here lays the girl
The girl with
Dashed dreams
And a crumbling heart
The lacerations of life
Perceivable on her soul and skin
Here lies the girl
Bare and open
To the blows dispensed
From every direction in every way
She closes her eyes
Rocking in her corner
In this place
With a roof, four walls
No windows, no doors
The voices, they never stop
The voices of madness, rage, confusion
The cackling voices
Surrounding her
Here in this place
In this place
Of no escape
With its
Roof, four walls
No windows, no doors
She conceals her ears
With her hands
Still rocking, eyes closed tight
The mocking gets louder
The cackling never stops
Is there no end
To this insanity?
A loud shriek escapes her lips
Her eyes shot open
Blood shot
She launches up
With the continues mocking
Cackling intently in her ears
Throwing herself from wall
To wall
To wall
To wall
She has to escape
She digs with her bare hands
At the cold ground beneath her
This insanity has to end
She digs
She has to leave this place
She digs
This place of misery
She digs
This place of wretchedness
She digs
This hell
She digs
This place with
A roof, four walls
No windows no doors
Tears flow down her face
Her hands bloody and blistered
She can't stop now
The end is near
She digs
She digs
The Sun
She digs
The thought of the Sun enchanted her
She crawls under the wall
She free
Away from that place with no windows or doors
No voices
No rocking
Pure bliss
Freedom, sanity, sun
She opened her senses to her surroundings
Soft, warm, green grass
The sky
Clear, boundless
Colorful, embracing
Her knees weakly gave out
But with pure contentment
Lying in the grass
She cried
The tears that flowed now were of happiness
A happiness to be emancipated
From that imprisonment
She lies in the grass
Thinking of the life
The life she had long awaited
Her eyes closed heavily with exhaustion
Sleep, peace, hope
She dreamed of her new life
Of sanity, order and love
But life can be malevolent
When she opened her eyes
She screamed in horror and disbelief
All existing hope in her heart demolished
Was all she could manage to express
No over and over again
She found herself back where she started
In that place
With its
Roof, four walls
No windows, no doors

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