Ode to Crushes

June 10, 2008
By jovanny vasquez, Phoenix, AZ

The gentle breeze runs swiftly through the air
Spring time is finally here!
New flowers & emotions begin to grow
All around me at the site of my first crush
Joy and happiness these strange feelings
I thought I could never have for another boy like me
Summer, fun and games lead to
Memories of jumping and swimming
Autumn, leaves fade away and begin to fall all over
My heart trembles with fear of how
My first kiss will come to pass
Will I look like a fool?
My feet tremble as if I were a newborn
Giraffe that is about to stand on his new legs
But then it happens those soft lips touch my own
And I forget all my worries and leave to a distant land of paradise
Winter, cold and numb
Hateful thoughts run through my mind
Lies and disappointments broke us apart
But the memories of it make me stronger
And something tells me, spring is coming

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