A Bee Story 2

March 1, 2011
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Randy-Be-Buzz was proclaimed dead a week after he escaped the colony. This story is about his little brother, Buzz-Bee. Buzz-Bee was like Randy-Be-Buzz in many ways, but he was mad at Randy-Be-Buzz for leaving the hive and not taking him. Buzz-Bee wanted to be a honey collector but was forced to take Randy-Be-Buzz’s place as honey churner. He was very strong for a young bee and the B.E.E. took notice in his abilities to help others with his strength. The B.E.E. soon appointed him royal protector of the queen, which was an ease job sense the queen stayed in the same place all day and night. His hive was in a very old tree and ants were looking for home in it. Ants and bees don’t get along so well, bees are bigger but ants have more soldiers. Buzz-Bee could tell there was a war coming on so he asked if he could lead it. The queen said yes and gave him special training on bee stinging and fighting. The ants sent scouts up the tree now and again, but the bees sent them all down dead. Only in packs could ants kill a bee. Buzz-Bee decided a plan was the way to win. He decided that a small part of the honey supple would be spread all around the tree so the only way for an ant to get across is by climbing on top and over dead or dying ants. This could take out half the ant population. His plan was smart, but the ants found they could climb up another tree and come from above. Leafs could also be used to get over the honey. Buzz-Bee didn’t no it till it was to late, the ants had climbed up and down trees to cut at the part of the hive that connected with the old tree. All the bees came out to kill the ants when they found out but the hive still fell and many bees died. The queen survived and left for another home with the remains of her colony. Buzz-Bee was so angry he stayed behind to kill as many ants as possible; he was hard to kill as long as he buzzed around above the ants. No one knows what happened to him but he is remembered always.

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