A Bee Story

March 1, 2011
By Storm-crow5 BRONZE, Camarillo, California
Storm-crow5 BRONZE, Camarillo, California
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One day a bee was born. The bee’s name was Randy-Be-Buzz. Every bee in the hive was given a job to do so the hive and queen would live on. Unfortunately Randy-Be-Buzz hated the job he was, by the Bee Entitled Enlister's, or B.E.E., as a honey-churner buzz bee. The list of jobs was big but the B.E.E. chose what you worked at. You could work in the pollen-collector department as a scout or collector. You could work in the hive-control department where they keep everything in check and catch the bees that try to sneak a little extra honey home. But every bee feared going to work at the clean-up-queen department, in this department all you id was clean the queens big old body. The honey-churner department was the most boring department but not something to fear. The honey-churner bees churned honey into honey-butter for the queen to eat. Soon after he started this boring new job, Randy-Be-Buzz escaped the hive and his old life. After the adjustment to his new world he started to explore farther away from his old home and tree. He soon found other things that lived in the same world as he did. Many of these animals were unfriendly. One day as Randy-Be-Buzz was sniffing a particularly nice smelling bunch of flowers, when a group of collector bee buzzed right past his favorite flower. These bees looked different that any he had seen and could not of been any of his relatives. These new bees had bigger bodies with long fur. Their buzz was much louder. Randy-Be-Buzz quickly zoomed of in fear towards a vast expansion of tall grass with wildflowers. Suddenly sprinklers popped out of the ground and startled him with jets of cold water. Randy-Be-Buzz was immediately shot down onto the ground, and passed out. When he woke up his wings were dry and he could fly again. At a certain yellow flower he met an unhappy spider, this spider was hungry enough to try and kill a bee. Randy-Be-Buzz quickly flew off dodging the strands of web, two strands hit him in the back and he fell, for the second time, to the ground. He landed next to a group of angry dung beetles. They felt there young should have more to eat than dung, so they ravaged the ground for insects. Randy-Be-Buzz backed away into the forage of grass stems. The dung beetles quickly cornered him between two blades of grass, their jaws snapping. Flashing his stinger, Randy-Be-Buzz tried to scare off the angry predators but tripped and fell into a dung beetle hole. He was never seen again.

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