This Painful Feeling...Go Away!

June 10, 2008
By Arielle Henry, Houston, TX

All this feeling causes me is pain
No matter how much I do care
I always end shattered in the rain.

I tried my best to hate it,
To escape it,
To make it no more,
Everytime I try it grows a little more.

I know this feeling will always be lonesome,
Always never returned,
I can't stop it,
I can't stop it.

This feeling hangs over me
Never leaves.

All I want is peace
Because all it does is cause pain
Always shattering my heart
Wherever, whenever I might be.

This feeling can never be felt for another,
I've tried.
Never will it feel as it did, does, now.

All I want, I ask,
I pray,
Is for this feeling: love,
To finally Go Away!

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