Deadly Love

June 10, 2008
By Jorge Guailla, Chicago, IL

I wish to die then never to ride.
I wish to love then never to spoke.
For love is deadly it burns in your soul

You give your heart to someone you don’t even know.
That person could crush it and smash it with their stinky feet
But you blindfolded will still take the risk.
They say they love
They say they care
They can say all they want but I wont lose my daunt
But most of all
I will fight against what’s so called love.
Don’t fall for it I warn you for it will hurt
It’ll start with a little flirt
Then it’ll move on with a touch
That person will clutch your insides
So you won’t be able to let go
And then slowly and painfully
They’ll rip your heart in two
Then you’ll return from fantasy land
But don’t worry I’ll be there to give you a hand.
We’ll travel together and save the Innocents.

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