February 28, 2011
It feels like my heart is filled with pain.I cant stop it from hurting.I really feel ashamed.It feels like its burning.

It feels so strange, how my feelings in my heart may never change.When will it stop. When will it come from out of me and drop.

I can feel it, this painful feeling is breakin me. Why wont this pain get out of ME!Let me be,let me be, let me be free, let me breath.

I wanna scream, I wanna scream at this pain building up inside of me....
Get out of me, Get out of me, let me be, go to someone elses body. I dont want you, never needed you.
Your burnnig a hole inside of my heart, your making me fall apart.

Please, somebody, anybody, get it out of me, dont you see how its breakin me.It feels like I have chains all over me.

I dont want or need this pain Its makking my body and soul sore.....
I just cannot take this anymore.

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