Everyone Is High

March 1, 2011
Hey you up there, aren't you just the king of the world.
I ask you why
Why you like to stay up there near the hearth
Probably closer to hell, then I'll ever be to heaven
Still I portion out each and every question in the hope that somebody's bread might have leaven
Why, why do you like to stay up there-happy and high
You are high,they are high- half of my freaking world is high
They implore me to see reason-like Dumbledore they're all so wise
And for a second, I desire to look through easy eyes
Still easy may not be right
And I'm left standing feeling alone, judgmental, and in fright
Pretend I'm brave and that my roots run deep
But who am I- just a frightened, weakling sheep
I follow and I listen,
But I can't bring myself to make an individual decision
The entire world wants to bring the high
logic tells me to give in to high
with a sigh
I'm screaming out, I'm going to die
The wisest people- it is as if they don't even try
break before me like the stars upon the sky
Everyone- everyone is high!

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sN()mAan This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Aug. 17, 2011 at 5:41 am
That is actually good! It's true that we find ourselves in a juxtaposture, questioning how real is reality :) Very good indeed!

And you like neurosciences too?! You've got a colleague then! :)
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