kick you down to size

February 28, 2011
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tears build up and the urges come, hurting starts, feeling numb,
but then it stops cause I'm too good, too strong, to come undone.
so take your pride, and all your lies, and find someone that will kick you down to size..

cause baby we all know your the master, on your way to a new disaster
make sure shes vulnerable and weak, full of blooming love
a perfect girl to bend, break, and shove
..make her fall hard and land on the ground
i bet you'll walk away without a sound

i hope your ego gets bigger as you read on,
your nothing but a greedy, self inflicted con.
i have decided I'm so much better without you
so much more content leaving the past behind me and finding something new
there is no reason or rhyme to why i stuck around
when all you did was hurt and tear me down

so keep that pride glowing
let your confidence keep growing
but in the end you'll feel something in your chest ll be me and all that you left a mess
reminding you that you've changed
and everything you've rearranged
and soon you'll realize..
i just kicked you, down to size
bet you wish you had a better disguise.

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