"Unknown Cycle"

February 24, 2011
By wizeguy BRONZE, Jonesboro, Georgia
wizeguy BRONZE, Jonesboro, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
"A man who is not willing to die for nothing, is not fit to live." Martin Luther King Jr.

The p r e s s u r e is on.

His acknowledgement off.
Now its time to decide.
Rather to stay on the road
OR move off to the side.
He’s a young man with different talents.
Who wants to do a lot of things.
But his thinking is out of balance.
He wants to fly with immature wings.
The compliments have complimented his not knowing.
Confused like a rose.
Blooming in the winter.
He is too soon too late.
Making a mistake too early to acknowledge and too late to correct.
So he waits under the tree.
Dwelling in the shade.
Now he understands that shining.
Will soon cause him to Fade.

The author's comments:
8th grade is the big step before high school and as the year winds down, things are becoming more difficult and the challenge is showing up. I'm a visionary and I have big dreams;therefore, if I want them to happen,I have to keep going and have faith through it all. I also write poems and rhyming material all the time so I just pieced together verses theat came into my head as I wrote. My teacher also assigned this in class so I had an ample amount of time to dwell on theis topic.

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