February 23, 2011
By twistedkitten BRONZE, New London, Connecticut
twistedkitten BRONZE, New London, Connecticut
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\"if you cant handle me at my worse you dont dersve me at my best\"

in death's cold embrace
i won't regret anything
i'll embrace it as it embraces me
i'll let everything go
you'll all be forgiven by me
for what you've all done
but once that happens
you'll never see me again
because i'll be in death's cold embrace
its not as bad as what i've
been told, and as i slip from
this world to the next, as i welcome
the embrace i'll say i'm sorry
to everyone that i've done bad or good against and hope, hope that
they will forgive me of this cold deed
that maybe in some other life we'll
meet again & hope it doesn't happen
again but we'll never know how things will
end up but i'll leave "her" in a star
for him to have so "he's" not without
"his" love i hope they will be happy maybe "she" can find someone
new as i fade into death's
cold embrace i hope "they" are happy
together at least one of us will be
as i fade into death's cold embrace

katherine lirot 6-26/27-10

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