February 26, 2011
Dark shadows claw at my skin leaving deep claw marks down my arm,
The blood drips down colliding with their silky forms,
Why did I believe them when they whispered in my ear that they meant no harm,
Now that their eyes are so close to mine I can see the storms,
Crashing together in a sickening pleasure that sends shivers cascading down my spine,
Something went terribly wrong in those eyes,
Was it that one to many a raw line,
The sweet temptations coursing through their blood like spies,
Telling the enemy their secrets and regrets,
Stringing its addicting threads through my body until they touch every inch of who I am,
Suddenly all my thoughts are their sharp-toothed pets,
Biting at my brain until I’m numbed to the pain and can no longer give a damn,
Then they make their final move with those eyes,
The check-mate that would take down the fleet,
And tear the shroud off the lies,
So I can stare at those shadows emulating such heat,
My body begins to melt into their hands,
So that when I crane my heavy head to the mirror,
All I see is familiar lands,
Submerged in terror,
And the disfigured shadow’s face,
A glossy veil over my own,
My heart settles to a hummingbird pace,
As I realize this transfer of power isn’t a loan,
The shadow smiles,
My lips curl with a plastic joy,
I can no longer feel my feet on the cold bathroom tiles,
If there any sense, at this point, in playing coy,
The shadow waves a claw,
I raise my bloodied hand,
This is something purely raw,
Is there any chance I can land,
From this orbit I’ve been launched into,
Past the story eyes,
With my screams no more than a gentle coo,
Lost in a sea of endless shadowy skies,
As the monster like shadow fills my shell,
Erasing all evidence of me,
Would there be enough of me left to tell,
Who I am, or rather who I used to be,
Would the shadow tell my story,
To the starry eyed junkies on the corner waiting for their dose of powdered fire,
Would it remember the name of the girl it took into its quarry,
The worthless little liar,
Or would it forget along with the rest of the world, who I was,
Let me deteriorate to a wisp of a memory,
Lost in the stormy skies,
Of a tantalizing monstrous shadow’s eyes.

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miracle_of_hope said...
Aug. 3, 2011 at 9:53 pm
this is a haunting peice
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