Openeing The Door

February 25, 2011
Is the next one
The last one?
Is the next
The last?

We reached the summit
Almost together
What does that mean?
Who got there first?
Who got there first?

Why should they’re be
A mystery to this thing?
Is there something to be
Ashamed of?

To be hidden?
Why can we not know
The truth?

Will they not feel
Ashamed of us?
Two comrades in
Life and death
Who have something to hide
From the world?

Only the truth
Is good enough for the future
Now the truth is told
And I am ready to be
Judged by it

The dream had come true . . .
It was such a sight
As I had never seen before
And would never see again:
Wild, wonderful, terrible
But terror was not
What I felt


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