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February 12, 2011
By lyrical_lie SILVER, Blountstown, Florida
lyrical_lie SILVER, Blountstown, Florida
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pain is only weakness leaving the body

rose pedals churn
wind rips though this grass
its so cold here
i just want to go back
i don't belong
i stick out
i am so along
you don't understand me
your better off dead to me
i think its time i try to mend... will see....
i broke his heart
but he broke mine
this type of concept makes me seem in denial
but in truth
i am the Innocent
not evil nor to despise
if you would only listen to me
i think you will find...
the heart in this chest
is not the best
in fact
i would sell it to you now
i am writing
and the blood
is pouring from the bullet wound in my chest
yea i no
this is hard to control
some times
i think love is better off
with no boundaries or ropes
but i love to feel all the pain
you have left to deal...
i love the feel of your face...
when no one is in this place...
so dark
so damp
so cold
so cramp
just close the door
best ignored
don't you think
that love is best
no leash
no ropes
biting necks
i like it best
to let go
tempt my self
i like it when your mine
and no one else
love has a hold
on my soul this we both no
don't pretend
don't descend
i am no better more or less
here i am just as well
i will chase you down this hill
my wound is deep
blood seeps but hate is a dis-sire
talked and kept
i love to feel your burn
bite my neck
kiss me once more
no glory love killed me
so why do i carry on

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