Hope For Better Days

February 15, 2011
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Your eyes
As clear as the sea
In them, I see a picture
It’s of you and me

We’re alone in the park
Holding hands
Just knowing what you’ve been through
Only I understand

You tell me you can never trust again
The world has hurt you too much
Stabbed in the back by girls and men
You’re about to lose your clutch

You cry, you hurt, you scream out in pain
But everyone just ignores
You’ve reached the boiling point, you’ve gone insane
While society just sleeps and snores

“This is the end”, you say
There’s no turning back
And there’s nothing I can do to make you stay
The problems are too high to stack

Your only option is to run away from it all
But you can’t, I won’t let you, I need you
You’re always there to catch me when I fall
So why can’t I do the same for you too?

You’re so young, so weak
This isn’t something you should go through
You start to tear, I kiss your cheek
Affection someone’s never shown for you

Now appears a smile, one full of bliss
The tears begin to fade
Little did I know, a small act of kindness
Can go an extremely long way

It saved my best friend
Gave him hope for better days
He wants to stick it out till the end
He knows it’s going to be okay

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