Where Im From

February 25, 2011
By , State Center, IA
I am from a unique mediocre town of State Center

I am from an apartment to a house from a house to a farm house

I am from a father who will always be there for me

I am from a mother who would be a highlight to my life both in past and future

I am from an active energized brother who would always want to do activities

I am from a talented smart sister who will be with animals when she grows

I am from the bright side of West Marshall to the Dark Side

I am from the teachers that still and will always care to a journey on my own

I am from the training I worked on in the summer to the success put into running

I am from the Shy steady me to the more outgoing talkative me

I am from the sorrow of my friends to the dark pain I consume

I am from the creative reading side to the lazy sleepy side

I am from the color green I so much love to the color blue I wear often

I am from a dull misguided child to a well-informed adult

I am from the clumsiness of the past to the careful steady side of me

I am from the dream come true to an uncomfortable feeling of doubt

I am from the future to where I not sure how and where I will get to

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