Someone like Me

February 25, 2011
By , Clemons, IA
I am from paper sailboats and sidewalk chalk.
I am from hooking bluegills

and trapping crawdads.
I am from Boxcar Children
and childhood forts.
I am from Tamagotchi and water hoses.

I am from boggy creeks and mud pies.
I am from cherry trees

and open skies.
I am from playing castle

and flying kites.
I am from simple days and endless nights.

I am from undersized towns and overflowing families.
I am from accidents and miracles,
struggles and rewards.
I was raised by adults

but taught by children.
I am from caring too much and laughter lines.

I am from a destructive past I want to forget

and an undiscovered future I want to protect.
I am from a mother who was too young,

a father who disappeared,

a younger brother who was my best friend through it all.
I am from lyrics in music blared to drown harsh words.

I am from a woman who wanted me when nobody else did.
I am from a limitless line of secrets,

stories hidden to protect the family name.
I am from “Learn from my mistakes,”

yet “Do as I say.”
I am from serious problems brushed away like a stream carries leaves.

I am from a lost path of glass shards tearing at my soul.
I am from a precious light

whose warm touch told me there was more than this world.
I am from alter call and repentance,

the water that saved my life.
I am from the Father who will not abandon me.

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