Broken Arm

February 25, 2011
By , Melbourne, IA
Paige’s Arm
It is a balmy spring night in May. Paige and I are wrestling and having fun.
“Quit doing that because someone’s going to get hurt!” Mom shouted.
“Mom we won’t get hurt. We’re just messing around,” Paige said.
We are still wrestling because what my mom just said went in one ear and right out the other ear. I have a feeling that she is right, something is going to go wrong, but I don’t really care because we are just having fun!
“Let’s go, Paige! I’m going to whoop you in wrestling!” I screamed.
She is running at me like an unbalanced bat! She is grabbing the bottom of my shirt because she just fell on the ground. She keeps tugging me!
“Stop tugging on my shirt! You’re going to make me fall on you and you will be sorry if that happens!” I shouted.
“I won’t stop tugging until I win!” exclaimed Paige.
I can feel that my body is going to fall at any second.
“Paige! Stop!” I screamed.
I am falling to the ground and there is nothing I can do to stop it. Her arm is straight up in the air. This is not going to end well. I think I just landed on her arm.
I just broke her arm. My parents are going to scream at me. They warned me that someone was going to get hurt but, I didn’t stop. Here comes the screaming….
“Owwwwww! Get up! You just broke my arm! Get my sweatshirt off!” Paige screamed.
My parents are jumping out of their chairs and are trying to cut off her sweatshirt.
“Don’t cut that sweatshirt! That’s my favorite sweatshirt!” Paige yelled.
“We have to cut it off Paige, there is no other way to get your arm out,” dad said.
Her arm is finally out of her sweatshirt. Nothing looks wrong with it but, with the way she is screaming I am willing to bet I just broke it.
“Can you move your arm?” asked mom.
“NO! Take me to the hospital!” Paige yelled.
My parents are taking Paige out to the car to go to the hospital.
“Jenny open the door please. We will be back in a while. You and your sister can go to bed,” Mom sighed.
I can hear them open the garage door and back out. As soon as the door shuts, multiple thoughts are flowing through my head like water flowing down a waterfall! I’m going to be in so much trouble. I’m going to be grounded for life. I just broke my sister’s arm. Am I going to have to pay for the doctor bill? Now I might as well go to bed and wait for morning to come to see if I have to pay and I’ll have to see how much trouble I’m going to be in.

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