December 2, 2007
By Kristine Wagner, Girard, PA

How can it be done?
It was just yesreday we were having fun
You glared at me
But then laughed
With all your friends.
Is this how it ends?
You said: "Everything is over.
We're done."
You IMed me
and said you were sorry.
Why can't you tell me
That you don't love me?
When you gave me that kiss,
It was something like this
That made me go "uh-oh."
When you pulled away
And walked away
I saw you smile and give a wink.
I know it was her
And now all I see is a blur.
My words start to slur
As my heart starts to race.
I'm ready to punch you in your face.
I hate you so
I love you though.

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