March 1, 2011
By Luckylucky GOLD, Hartford, Connecticut
Luckylucky GOLD, Hartford, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
''be nice to others,everyone is fighting their own battles''
''only people who risk going far,know how far they can go''
''what have you done to make your life better?''

i was crying helpless in front of you
But you didn’t have the heart to pick me up
You didn’t have the humanity enough to at least console me
You just looked at me as is I was a piece of trash you just tossed to the ground
But you didn’t realize that you told me that I was your life till yesterday
And today it’s like you forgot all those words you said to me
Or may be you forgot the meaning of it
You act like those words never existed
When they hold the energy enough to give someone hope to live
I have been living the whole time so I could see you happy
And so that I could be with you
But today you broke my heart in so many pieces that’s its useless to count them
My heart shattered like a mirror being hit by a fast bullet
It hurts a lot, it hurts too much to bear it for the rest of my life
So I might as well just end my journey right here
Why did you lie to me and tell me you will never hurt me?
Why did you do this to me, making me trust you and break it in just one moment?
Why were you so heartless, you just broke my heart in million pieces?
So many questions pop in my mind, questions that I thought were never meant for me
I don’t want to know the answers, I might as well just die than listen to your another lie
I believed too much in all your lies, and now all I got is broken heart, trust and cries
But before I go away from you and from this world, I want to tell you something
What you did to me, I hope you don’t do it to anyone else
Its just too much heart break, its just too much to take
You probably don’t know what it feels like, but when you do
then maybe at the very last moment you will think about me
in the future holding a knife up to your sleeve like I am in the present
and then you will hate yourself for doing this to me, you will hate this world
you will die being hated and die hating things, unlike me, I die still loving you

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