March 1, 2011
By jstenger91 BRONZE, Alamo, California
jstenger91 BRONZE, Alamo, California
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It rages
A piercing scream of hopelessness
Blanketing over the empty snow-covered field
A tearful kin fails to resist its long-foreseen coming

It shreds
A chainsaw of bleak, palpable black
Infecting the air with tainted hopelessness
A wooden, iron-tipped casket bitterly tangs the tongue with metallic despair

It strikes
A hefty axe of devastation and ruin
Toiling to chink the concrete, rimy air
The desolate minds webbed with frail threads of agony

It wails
A body of hissing ice crystals of the morbid black sky
Sinking white, gnashing teeth into numb, pasty skin
The austerity erupting from the inside, frozen solid midway in the throat

It pelts
A gyrating, frosty wind embodying the tears of doleful woe and misery
Showering the earth only to disappear into the sodden dirt never to be remembered
Lifeless ash cascades onto the snow-tipped coats of grieved mourners

Why must my boy be taken by the arms of death?
A young innocent soul, pure and free of blemish
For what reason shall this act be just?
I must pray from the greatest depths of my heart that I may one day meet my boy once again.

One day…

The author's comments:
When I am in a quiet mood, I often find that writing an elegy helps bring me back to "life" for the day.

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This article has 1 comment.

billy bob said...
on Mar. 16 2011 at 11:46 am
wow.   this poem is striking in so many ways.   the structure is magnificent....and the emotion is raw and undeniable.    great work.


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