Fireflies and Stars

February 21, 2011
The fireflies are like dancers,
always dancing from here to there.
The stars are like rocks never moving,
always there.
The fireflies are like friends,
to all warm area animals.
The stars are like best friends,
to all animals.
The fireflies are like candles,
flicking on and off.
The stars are like street lights,
never turning off.
The fireflies are like days of the year,
always changing.
The stars are like me,

The fireflies are like supermodels always changing their looks; where ever it flies there is love, happiness, and light.
The fireflies are like me, precious like a jewel.
The stars force themselves through dark skies; only to disappear with the sun rise. They twinkle and shimmer oh so bright, they look like a diamond in the night.
My heart is missing the summer fireflies,
but my heart is happy always seeing stars rise.

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